Summer Solstice and Rituals

Summer Solstice and Rituals

Hello, dear friends!

As you already know the time of our expedition on Altai is a special time. This is the time most preferable for getting message the Ukok Princess, for getting on touch with ancient civilizations, for connecting with cosmic vibrations and for perceiving you own high predestination.

For example, the Moon will be in the mystic sign if Pisces at the first day of our expedition, and it will join with Neptune, exaggerating intuition and wisdom.

All qualities of Neptune develop in the best way in the Sign of Pisces. It is the time of the entire peace and higher creativity. Perceiving very thin cosmic vibrations are typically for you, there is an opportunity for understanding symbols. General meditation, creativity, the entire spiritual unite with nature, with all the creatures are very good at this time. The flowering of culture, mystic musical tendencies, the higher creativity are typical for this time.

The highest intuition is opening, the mystic transformation, the ability to flow into past lives, to understand the present time, the future and live in the rhythm of the Universe –all these open at this time.

It is very good to prepare oneself for the tour through meditation on Shriyantra or the flame of the candle at least once per day. It will help to develop consciousness, great wisdom that any soul has inside. Please follow the link if you wish to learn more about the meditation:


The trine of Jupiter and Neptune help to develop spiritual potentiality of a person, and makes self-awareness higher. One may remember his past lives, have a contact with the world of spirits, clairvoyance opens.

Through spiritual experience, prayer a person may get rid of even rather difficult diseases. His talents may develop.

Visiting special Places of Power and gathering together big amount of people for praying are very good especially at this time, because these prayers are uniting and influence the entire humanity.


The trine of Saturn and Uranus during our tour will give us great opportunity to create new projects of spiritual life and also to create the projects of eco villages in different countries.

This aspect is a sign of unbending will, against which all random circumstances fail. This means that if you make a firm decision on the Place of Power at this time, it will change your life for the better! This is the period of fateful decisions.

Intuitive understanding of cosmic laws, the sense of karma and thus the ability to organize your life in according way is responding this period of time also. Great will and ability to use creative inspiration in practice also are common for this time.

Time to think about your High spiritual aim is coming now! Or to find out your talents or predestination.

Such thought as “I won’t be able to do this” limits a person very often. Right now let us try to get off such thought and tell yourself:

“Altai is waiting for me! Spirits are waiting for me! Power is waiting for me! Thus I will be able to do everything! I can do everything! Because I’m not alone!”

This is a very powerful ritual that contributes to the crucial process of program establishment for the whole year!

Here you may find a video, where our shaman tutors share the ancient knowledge about Altai, Places of Power and about the power the Ukok Princess will open in you. And also how to prepare for a meeting with her. Have a nice time!

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