Princess Ukok, Keeper of the “Gates of the Celestial Firmament” Secret

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Princess Ukok, Keeper of the “Gates of the Celestial Firmament” Secret

Throughout the ages, people have been drawn to mysterious and unknown Places of Power on our planet. These are the places where you can feel some special atmosphere which is charged with a strong energetic influence. These places were created by Mother Nature and they have been considered to be sacred since ancient times. This is where people have conducted prayer, sacred rituals and shamanic ceremonies. Especially there are many places like these in the Altai region, which is also the birth place of Siberian shamanism.

An immense healing energy can be felt here. It affects the emotional and physical plane of a person. Inner worry and anxiety vanish and a person becomes emerged in the ancient and wise atmosphere of shamanism. He receives the blessings of the Altai Spirits.

One such place in Altai is the Ukok Plateau. People from the Altai region call it the “Gates of the Celestial Firmament”. People say that there’s a lot of mysterious activity happening there and it’s because of the mountain spirits.

In the 90s, people found the ancient burial site of the “Altai Princess” in the Ukok Plateau. People still haven’t agreed about the princess’ origins. Analysis of the woman’s DNA has identified her European roots. A shaman who conducted research on the woman’s remains suggested that they have extraterrestrial origins.

The Altai legends say that she is the “Princess Kadin”, the Great-grandmother, progenitor of the Altai people. She is also considered to be the Mother-progenitor of shamans.

One Altai legend speaks about a young woman who lost her parents in her childhood and became an orphan. Her father was God himself, and her mother was an Earthling. Before returning to his planet, her father gave her some tattoos in the form of some mysterious hieroglyphics. These were supposed to help her declare her right to rule over the tribe once the time came and to preserve the message that the Gods had for Earthlings about the secrets of the Universe. The father returned to the sky after giving his daughter a magical crystal. Her mother couldn’t take the separation and died. A wise Elder from one of the tribes took over her upbringing. He taught her a lot of sacred knowledge. The girl possessed the power to see into the past and the future and she understood the language of the birds and animals. She also knew how to heal people with her hands and could immediately stop any bleeding. She knew how to protect herself from any animal in the taiga as well.

The princess went through many trials in order to carry the great Knowledge about the Universe and spirits to her people.

Then, at an earlier-set time, the princess died and reunited with her father on a faraway planet. She drank a special herbal infusion that had the effect of putting a person into deep sleep, but she purposefully made it too strong. Before leaving for the other world, the princess gave her magic crystal to a trusted shaman and told her people her last wishes — to put a “taboo seal” on her tomb until distant times when people would be ready to learn about the secrets of the Universe and decode the message to humanity in the encrypted signs on her body.

The shaman did everything that Princess Ukok told him to.

This is what she willed in terms of the inviolability of the tomb: “Your life will change if you touch this tomb. You are responsible for the future destiny of the planet if you touch this tomb before the time comes. Do not touch what you do not know how to wisely use. You will experience great pain. Wait for the Cosmic Ambassadors. Do not rush to understand everything by yourselves. Your Mind is not ready, it has not reached a level of cosmic maturation.” Unfortunately, the tomb opening happened prematurely. The “taboo seal” was violated in 1993. The people who were doing the excavations were given various signs as warnings to not open the tomb.

As Boris Melnikov, a participant in the Ukok Plateau excavations, recalls, “To melt the ice that was covering the mummy, scientists started to pour hot water over the body. That’s when Princess Ukok’s disturbed spirit awoke.”

“It was a clear day, not a cloud in the sky,” remembers Boris Viktorovich. “Suddenly, thunderclaps filled the skies and scared the locals.”

“Don’t! Stop the excavations!” told the locals to the archeologists. “The angry spirits of Ukok are telling you to stop!!!

However, the scientists weren’t superstitious and they didn’t believe in spirits. They continued to excavate even when the ground beneath them started to shake. The underground jolts became stronger and stronger and something needed to be done.

“Spirits or not, eventually we loaded the discovery into a helicopter and sent it immediately to Novosibirsk,” recalls the archeologist. “This wasn’t because of Princess Ukok’s revenge, but because we were afraid that the mummy would become damaged during the earthquake.

However, the helicopter made it only to Barnaul. One of its engines stopped working mid-flight and the archeologists almost died. After the emergency landing, mechanics couldn’t find the source of the engine problem.”

Shamans said that it was Princess Ukok’s revenge. “If you don’t bring the mummy back to Altai, Russia will suffer from wars and natural disasters.”

As if it was proof of these words, another earthquake shook the Altai region. And Russia suffered from increasing wars and natural disasters.

“When the tanks started firing at the White House, we remembered this prophecy,” said Melnikov. “Then there was the winter assault in Grozny, that marked the beginning of the First Chechen War…

On September 23rd, 2003, a strong earthquake shook the Altai Mountains. In the epicenter the earthquake reached 8-9 points on the Richter scale. Dozens of towns were left without electricity and heat and means for survival. The earthquakes spread from the Altai Mountains to Novosibirsk.

The people of Altai are certain that this wasn’t a coincidence, but rather, a ruthless demand of the Altai region to return what was taken from it. Over 2000 more earthquakes followed up until 2004 from the time that the princess was taken 700 km away from Altai to Novosibirsk.

The Altai community organized meetings and demanded that the mummy of Princess Ukok be returned to the region.

On September 21st, 2012, Princess Ukok was returned to her homeland. Currently she is in the National Ethnographic Museum of the Altai Republic in Gorno-Altaisk.

Scientists have continued to conduct research on the mummy of Princess Ukok. However, it is unknown, whether they will have any luck decoding the symbols on her body. The Powers of Light are ready to reveal the secrets of the Universe to humanity, but the question remains — are people ready to accept them?

Currently, we are able to receive only a tiny amount of this knowledge…

Many hundreds of years have passed since Princess Ukok was alive, but the tradition of Siberian shamanism, the knowledge about spirits and the world order remain intact and true to their origins.

When Princess Ukok handed the magic crystal to the shamans, she also transferred to them the wisdom of the Universe and the secrets of the world order. Shamans and Altai Elders have always been and will remain to be the keepers of the sacred knowledge. They continue to pass down the knowledge from generation to generation, staying true to the princess’ dying wish.In Altai, shamans are called Kams. They are respected and venerated. People go to them for advice and help. A Kam acts as a channeler between the world of the living and the world of spirits, as well as between the world of the living and nature. Kams (shamans) appear when they are called by their ancestor Spirits. After going through the process of initiation and learning how to be a shaman with the guidance of the Spirits, the Kam receives a drum and is recognized by others for the role. Shamanism is not just about believing in spirits. Shamanism is about a conscious and intentional interaction with nature and the world. Spirits don’t often reveal their presence to people and rarely try to show their intentions. This means that a person has to contact them himself. However, only a few people, the chosen shamans, are truly able to maintain a continuous and lively relationship with the spirits. A shaman becomes a magician, a wizard and during ceremony, calls upon the spirits for assistance.

Altai holds many unsolved mysteries. This region, the cradle of many ancient cultures, has preserved much ancient shamanic wisdom and traditions.

We will be going on a shamanic expedition to visit the Places of Power in Altai from July 29th to August 8th (these days are especially powerful in astrological terms).

Our expedition will begin with visiting the mummy of Princess Ukok at the Altai Republic Museum in Gorno-Altaisk. We will ask for her to bless our expedition.

During the expedition we will try to comprehend her secrets by performing shamanic rituals and connecting with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the Altai spirits. The apogee of the expedition will be our trip to the Ukok Plateau, where the tomb of the ancient Princess, Mother-progenitor of shamans, was discovered. We will perform a shamanic ritual there to access the ancient wisdom that was brought by her to Earth.


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