Objects of Power and Shaman Spirits

Objects of Power and Shaman Spirits

Dear friends!

Your souls are so bright, that are shining for the entire world. Every shaman feels it even if you areat the other part of the world. You are chosen by spirits of Altai. We should mention, that not everybody is allowed to come. During our Shamanic expedition we will have very deep shamanic rituals. These rituals will raise your shamanic abilities. You will receive very strong protection and deep purification will happen with all your family.

At this hard time for our planet Earth we should gather all together and pray.

As we have a great aimto help people open their hearts.

To get more information about what is happening with our Earth please follow the link:


Each shaman tutor will bring special object of powerfor this ritual. Such objects are charged at special rituals and blessed by Great White Shaman. Object of power is an amulet, inside which there is a living spirit of nature, of Higher World, the Ulgen World. More about object of power you may read in this article: http://newcenturybooks.com/webinar-powers-objects/. Also we name such objects of power as a spirit helpers.

When a person receives a new spirit helper – this is a sign, that person is on the right way and spirit wants to help. Please mention that the spirit of any object of power is choosing a person to help, but not the person chooses it. Because, the spirit sees, whomitmayhelp, protect, share love, or give other help.

Dears, if you already have your own spirit helpers such as drum, shamanic costume or chamois or others–please take them with you on Shamanic Expedition. It will make your spirit and even you yourself stronger. If you don’t have your own spirit helper, please try to make strong intention to gain this power on Altai.

When a person is opening his heart, he receives strength and power even on 3 levels – his emotions become more positive and constructive, his mind is full of fine thoughts and his body gains much energy and strength. Even in one small stone one can receive power of hundreds light spirits.

We wish you to attract the strongest object of power

which will come to your life at this period!

Miracles begin to come into life!

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