Materialization in the World of Spirits

Materialization in the World of Spirits

Dear open hearts! Today we will talk with you about the process of materialization in the world of spirits.

My dear, certainly you have heard before that when special rituals are planning on the Places of Power, such rituals which are intended to stop wars, destruction in the world, elements, they have certain conditions, such as:
– special time, about which the spirit talks;
– special Place of Power, the spirit of this place calls;
– only powerful guides to the world of spirit are suitable for such rituals;
– and only strong, wise and energetically clear participants of the ritual are suitable.

Light spirits begin to call and gather together all people, who are worthy taking participation in such ritual. First of all spirits appeal to shamans as guides of power for shamans are able to deliver the will of the spirits to everybody. After that spirits begin to find and gather together all people, who are worthy being the participant of such ritual. Because not everybody is ready to visit such powerful Place as Altai. Only souls with high predestination of service to humanity are able to be at the beginning of August, 2018 on Altai. As you are reading this article right now, then you are such person! My congratulations!

My dears, we will have an expedition to Altai in August, 2018 – a real pilgrimage to the Place of Power with very important mission. And one day we will have a special great shamanic ritual for the Earth and the Peace on the Earth. Also we will contact with Ancient Civilizations and will receive an important message from the Ukok Princess. She has called you from different parts of the world for the help. And she wants to send a message for all people on the Earth.

This event is already formed in the world of future. This event is very important for each of you. This event will change your life and will wake up the karmic memory of your previous incarnations, and also will help you to realize your mission on the Earth, open your talents, abilities and predestination.

So, how the materialization of all events are happening in the world of the present? First, spirits appeal to then shaman for the last one will deliver the will of the spirits to all people. Then spirits begin to find such people, who are able to be guides of the spirits, light, goodness and love. Such souls have a special predestination; they are able to enlarge love, joy and harmony on the Earth. Mostly they are the souls that come from other more spiritual planets or even from the world of angels.

So, the spirits find such people using different methods. And only people with open and clear hearts are able to hear the voice of spirits and understand signs.

The author of the book “After death” writes about this phenomenon very bright, how spirits talk with us. If you wish, you may read the book, just join the link:

The spirits’ methods of finding people may be so: somebody sees notification in the internet; somebody finds information through friends or relatives, etc. Just now, please remember, how it had happened with you, that you have heard the Voice of Altai? When the event in the world of illusions gains much power it begins to materialize in the world of present. And this happens at a time in the life of the participant and also in the life of the Earth. The first step of materialization your trip to Altai and taking participation in the ritual is the process of prepayment. Because money energy is much dense then the energy of plans and illusions.

When the process of prepayment is done, it means that your idea, your aim from the world of future is reaching the material world and begins to attract necessary events, circumstances and possibilities at the present time.

And of course the process of materialization doesn’t happen at a day. It needs certain time, when a real struggle may happen with the person. The spirits of the higher worlds help person to reach the event, the desire. But spirits of the underground world may course many obstacles for testing the person if he is ready and worth to visit such Place of Power as Altai, and moreover to communicate with the Ukok Princess. But if person yields in this struggle, and decides staying home instead of the trip to Altai, then spirits of the higher worlds stop supporting, and such person loses the defense of highest spirits.And this happens until the person himself begins to ask for help from higher spirits, and does make the spiritual efforts. This fact usually takes place before the most important events, it is the test from spirits for our intention.

And vice versa, those happy people who decided to visit Altai for taking participation in very important ritual gain not only defense and protection of higher spirits, but also the help in their health, develop their talents, abilities and many wonderful things begin to happen in their lives.

We congratulate you that you have heard the Ukok Princess and also that you are ready and powerful enough to go to the end and visit the Place of Power on Altai in August, 2018. Step by step we are preparing you for this trip, for our pilgrimage will be powerful and the shamanic ritual will bring much benefit to our Earth!

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