Kazakhstan is a place to meet extraterrestrial civilizations

Kazakhstan is a place to meet extraterrestrial civilizations

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Except for the Sun, it is the only one which can be seen from any place on Earth. This is what you most likely know about Sirius. You can easily find out this information after reading a couple of sentences on Wikipedia. But what is Sirius in reality?

The brightest spot in the sky

This star has a special place in our Galaxy. According to one of the theories, life exists in one form or another on almost all the planets of the Sirius solar system. This life is much more developed than our civilization, as some scientists believe.

Once upon a time, the settlers of Sirius decided to establish a colony (or a branch) on a distant planet. They chose Earth. They gave us the most valuable knowledge in philosophy, mathematics, physics and chemistry. They were the ones who built magnificent pyramids, mysterious dolmens and occult ziggurats in different parts of the world with the help of supernatural abilities.

Scientists are still wondering how the ancient Egyptians or Mayas could build such huge pyramids. Where did 8-ton statues of Easter Island come from? After all, there was no technology that would make the construction of such structures possible back then.

According to one of the versions, at the moment when one race replaced the other one, the great civilizations that came from Sirius built temples in special Places of Power on Earth.  For example, the Egyptian pyramids are located exactly under Orion’s belt. They perfectly match the position of the stars in the sky. What is more, the Cosmos transmits the most powerful energy to our planet at this very point.

Aliens gave Knowledge to the Great priests who knew how to use the energy of the pyramids and other sacred buildings to protect people from diseases, disasters and wars.

The great priests, of course, knew who gave them this Knowledge. The oracles of Atlantis, the priests of Ancient Egypt, the major shamans mentioned Sirius in their writings. But after that, the memory of the contact of earthlings with the inhabitants of Sirius was completely lost.

The mentions of the brightest star remained in the myths of the Maori and Kazakhs, and also in the Koran. We lost contact with Sirius. But it does not mean that extraterrestrial civilizations forgot about us! They continue to watch our development and, when necessary, intervene in the course of history.

This has already happened with the Atlanteans who almost ruined our planet, despite their high level of spiritual and intellectual development. The spirit of egoism subdued them. The Atlanteans began to commit acts that would destroy Earth eventually. Then the civilizations of Sirius decided to stop the process of destruction of life on our planet and destroyed the Atlanteans. We took their place – the representatives of the fifth race.

Extraterrestrial parking places

Extraterrestrial civilizations never left us unattended. They did not only visited Earth with short-term missions but also organized permanent bases on our planet – the so-called stands or parking.

Such sites are scattered all over the world. The traces of aliens can be found almost in every country. UFOs are seen at various locations. People make photo and video records of them but official science still does not acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations and their contacts with us. Or they just do not want to make it public.

One of the biggest mysteries is the concentration of UFOs in a particular place in the world. Why do spacecraft appear in some places regularly and rarely in others?

The great civilizations do choose parking places for a reason. They can be seen only in the sacred Places of Power. The stronger the energy of the place, the higher the chance to meet aliens.

That is why UFO was seen so many times in Kazakhstan. After all, this is a place with very strong and bright energy! Stands of aliens from Sirius are located in numerous lakes of Kazakhstan.

They are famous not only for stunning landscapes and crystal clear water but also for the fact that spacecraft are often observed near them. There are testimonies of scientists and local residents about 50 alien sites, where you can see flying glowing objects during the day and at night.

Kelly, Canada:

“My father was an ufologist. Nobody in his family shared his passion for exploring the traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. Only my brother and I adored my father’s stories about UFOs when we were little. We gladly traveled with him to the places of alien stands.

When I became a teenager, my parents divorced. My mother thought my father was crazy. She thought he was doing some kind of nonsense, instead of providing for his family. I became… ashamed of my father. All my friends had normal (as I thought back then) fathers: businessmen, lawyers, doctors. And my was… More and more losing touch with the real world… Yes, it is difficult to admit, but I was ashamed.

My father died in a car crash when I was 20 years old. I almost forgot about him for many years. And then I suddenly began to see him in my dreams. He asked me to forgive him and said that he had to tell me something very important. He uttered the word Kazakhstan and the lake. I checked google maps to find the location of Kazakhstan. But I did not understand how it relates to me (and my father).

However, dreams did not stop. I went to a psychologist and then to a psychiatrist. Somewhere in the bottom of my soul, I assumed that I inherited this insanity. Therapy did not help. I saw my father in my dreams every night! I began to fear to fall asleep. I began to suffer from insomnia. It provoked depression.

I was feeling bad. Extremely bad!

At that moment, something strange happened. I received an invitation to a seminar at the Place of Power in Kazakhstan!

I would never respond to such a letter, but… The letter had a word that I heard every night throughout the year! And I went there.

At the seminar, we were told a lot about the alien stations located in the lakes of Kazakhstan, about the sixth race, about the star Sirius. I listened and did not believe my ears! Only there I remembered that my father was telling me this a long time ago!

Since he called me here, it meant that I would see a UFO at this place. And I saw it.

I remember that evening well. I was sitting alone on the shores of the majestic lake. It was sunset. Such peace and quiet around. My dad did not appear in my dreams since the day I arrived at the seminar. I felt some kind of incredible spiritual harmony. Then, sitting on the shore, I plunged into meditation and prayer. Suddenly, I began to talk to my father. I said I forgave him. I asked him to forgive me for abandoning him. And at that moment, I saw a spacecraft. It hung right over my head. After about 10 seconds, it began to descend slowly into the lake. In a couple of moments, it disappeared under the water.

I still cannot explain what I did after that. I have never been amenable to sudden impulses. I am a rational person. But at that moment I acted unexpectedly, even for myself. I undressed quickly and plunged into the cold water of the lake. Oh yes, the water was freezing! It was early spring, rather cool outside, so the water was scorchingly cold. But I swam. And then dove. I suddenly felt incredibly happy under the water! I was overwhelmed with a feeling of delight, love and joy!

That night I had the last dream of my father. He said that he loved me and would never disturb me again. And that I should open my heart to the world and people. He said that I had so much love in me that it would kindle the hearts of thousands.

I came back home and began to organize the “Field of Love” seminars in our city. There is still a lot of love in me and I gladly share it with others. The more I give, the more my heart is filled with light and warmth. This light in me is lit by the cold waters of the Kazakh lake. It will never die out, I’m sure of it.”

Spaceport for flying saucer

In addition, there are facilities serving alien spaceships in Kazakhstan. For example, in the Karaganda region, archaeologists have found a stone platform, which, according to scientists, is at least three thousand years old!

This is a huge rectangular stone platform, each side of which is 40 meters and the total area is more than 1.5 sq km! Just think, who and why would build such a structure in the Kazakh steppe 3,000 years ago?! Scientists suggest that this is the oldest alien spaceports known!

Why do the great civilizations need to live close to us like this? There are two reasons for this.

The first one. As we have said already, the representatives of Sirius are ready to intervene in the course of our history at any time. If they decide that the fifth race repeats the sad fate of the Atlanteans with its damage, it will be destroyed. The closer aliens are to us, the easier it is for them to assess the harmful impact of earthlings on the planet.

The second one. During Armageddon, only the chosen ones will be saved — representatives of the sixth race. They will have to restore the lost knowledge and connection with the alien mind to harmonize the Universe. The first interplanetary contact will occur in Kazakhstan, the new spiritual center of the Earth.

To communicate with the alien mind, you need to be on subtle vibrations, that is, to reach a different, higher, spiritual level. You need to do spiritual practices and meditation, undergo rituals of purification and pray in Places of Power in order to achieve it.

Why did the higher civilizations stop contacting us? Why don’t ordinary people who live in Places of Power see representatives of Sirius? Because they are mired in their little world: anger, greed, selfishness. Only spiritual people with pure thoughts, those who tuned to love will be able to see extraterrestrial civilizations, as it happened with our student Kelly.

There is the maximum amount of spiritual magical power concentrated in Kazakhstan, which was once centered in Egypt, Mexico and other Places of Power. Nowadays all of them are only historical monuments since tourists turned these places into an attraction. People pumped out the remains of energy from this sacred land. Former Places of Power are dead but new ones are being revived. Kazakhstan will become such a place!

You can already become part of a group of the chosen ones who will touch the great Knowledge on the sacred land of Kazakhstan. Taking part in our retreat is a great honor and responsibility. After all, the great civilizations can make contact at any time. Maybe you will become the first earthling to communicate with the alien mind. But for this, you need your inner spirit. Your heart and mind should be open to a new spiritual level. You should be ready to follow all the recommendations of our coaches and carry out all the practices and tasks. Then, the meeting with the extraterrestrial mind can happen in July! See you in Kazakhstan!

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