Healthy Way Of Life

Healthy Way Of Life

Dear friends!

We greet you in this day! Today we will talk with about healthy way of life. According to scientific point of view healthy way of life is a way of life of any person with the task of disease prevention and of improving health. As you already know, health is the most important thing a person has. And we want to share with you some advices which will be helpful to you during our shamanic expedition to Altai.

  1. At least 30 minutes per day of physical training is favorable – it may be running, fast walking or hatha yoga. If it is impossible than walking will be also good. For example, when you go home by bus, get off from the bus one stop earlier and walk to the house.

  1. Balanced diet – it is very good to treat our body with food full of fiber and whole grains, and food with less sugar and made from wheat flour. It is very good to have in daily nutrition about 30-50% of fruits and vegetables. The less food is cooked and boiled, the more natural vitamins it stores.
  2. Water is the source of life. It is very good to drink much clear water. It is very favorable for skin, and it allows to prolong our life and save our health.
  3. Daily routine. Health of our body depends upon biorhythm; that is why it is rather important to have rest at certain time. It is better to wake up and go to sleep at certain time. It also helps to regenerate nerve system during sleeping.
  4. Fresh air is the key to fine and good thoughts. It is favorable to go for walk at least one hour every day, far away from automobiles and other air pollutants.

While being outside somewhere on nature it is better to feel God. And even Hippocrates said: ‘the doctor heals the disease, but nature cures’.

Following this link will help you to find out practices, which help in everyday life to feel grace:

  1. Making good things. The Universe answers to every your good thing and you gain good mood and feelings!

During the tour spirits on that place will help you to purify your subtle bodies from all negative influences and disease spirits. Be ready that everything what will happen with your body during the tour means total purification of the body and your soul. After this purification you will feel like you are newly born and your predestination will open, your superpowers and inner strength will open. Thus, it is very important to have certain mood that everything what will happen is good for you. The special mantra “What a joy!” will help you in this. You may begin practicing it right now so that none of the life circumstances would influence you.

Here you may find again a useful video, where our shaman tutors share the ancient knowledge about Altai, Places of Power and about the power the Ukok Princess will open in you. And also how to prepare for meeting her. Have a nice time!

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