Expedition to the stone of immortality

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Expedition to the stone of immortality


Our final preparations were complete. Backpacks were firmly in place, all the necessary equipment was distributed “above”, “under” and to the sides as efficiently as possible. There was a good amount of weight, about 45 pounds each. It was hardly noticed  because our goal was so exciting and our legs propelled us forward! We left at 5:30 and were greeted by a sunrise that flooded everything with a delightful pinkish yellow light. The fragrance of herbs and flowers was a special  gift from God.


We were given a mission a couple of days ago to find the Holy Grail in Lake Borovoye. And yes, it sounded  exactly same to us. Both shocking and inspiring at the same time! Where should we look for it? And how? What exactly was the Holy Grail? How would we know when we’d found it?


The Holy Grail turns out to be a stone that appears suddenly, a sign of the highest prosperity and  blessing to the country where it appears. The ancient sources name different forces that could materialize it: angels, Hierarchs of Shambhala, Great Mages, alien forces. All of these sources, from ancient civilizations to the research of esoteric scientists such as Roerich, Blavatskaya, etc., say that the Earth is under the supervision of extraterrestrial forces that use the Holy Grail as a sign and blessing. Only the purest souls, the highest spiritual people who will use the power of the stone for the benefit of mankind can be the keepers of it. The power of the Stone can create a miracle for all of mankind. The prophecy tells about its emergence in our Places of Power. So we went searching for the Holy Grail.


The path runs through the ascent of the mountain. As we go up the path, the landscape is changing: grass and wildflowers are replaced by bushes of fragrant thyme and conifers. The path suddenly goes down to a small gorge. Towering trees, grass tall as a man and humidity indicate that either an underground river or a stream  are close by.


We easily climb the next ascent. A rising angle, no more than 45 degrees. The path runs through bushes of juniper, wild rose and small birch trees. Further on an impassable thicket rises before us. Young birch trees stand so tightly woven together that it is impossible to pass. We decide to go left along the thicket, hoping to find a suitable place to climb. The surface of the lake opens before us on the left. The morning sun is so bright that it pierces the water: you can see the rocky bottom, silt growing along the bank. Clouds floating across the sky constantly change the color of the water, depending on how the sunlight descends through them. The water is turquoise, blue, green, and then black.


Finally, the spirits reveal to us the ascent through the trees. The branches cling to our backpacks, slapping  into our faces and legs as we pass. Our goal is so magnificent that we do not feel sorry for ourselves.


We come to a majestic wall – the beginning of a mountain range. Our hearts start beating faster, our breathing becomes shallow: these places have an aura of power, severity, mystery … As if the attention of those who live here and fervently keep their secrets is directed at us from all sides. An impregnable stone wall seems to be obscuring and protecting something. It looks completely unapproachable. The stones, like giant bricks, fitted so tightly together that the blade of a knife could not pass between two boulders. “This is it …” – we all understand as one: “these are the remnants of a wall built by an extraterrestrial civilization that the spirits told us about during the ritual”. In those ancient times extraterrestrial civilizations left their traces all over the Earth: the pyramids in Egypt, in Mexico, the stone sculptures on Easter Island. Few people know that the Place of Power, where Lake Borovoye is located, was chosen to conceal the greatest treasures and shrines. In the place where we are now standing, we geban the ancient buildings of the Great Extraterrestrial Civilizations of antiquity.


We approach the wall. When you touch the stones, the body seems to be shivering, the head begins to ring. As if someone inside of you is playing a Tibetan Singing Bowl. The stones are extremely attractive, like magnets, you feel like you want to stay near them forever. It is the effect of the energy, which, like electricity, charges everything that touches it.


How shall we find the Grail among all these buildings, pyramids, crevices and, in all of this space? It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


We move further along the wall and slightly upwards. It is difficult to walk, but suddenly we see something that looks like a path. Having walked about 2 miles, an extraordinary opening, never touched by the hands of a human being, appears in the wall. There is a wonderfully smooth glade and soft grass growing there that looks like a manicured lawn. We all want to throw off our heavy backpack and lay down on the gentle carpet that is spread out before us. The place is so energetically clean, so perfect, that it seems that if you touch it with your finger, the precious balance will be disturbed. One cannot disturb such a place except in great need. We should conduct healing sessions for the sick and powerful rituals for saving the world here. Without a doubt, this a portal of communication with the Higher extraterrestrial civilizations that we see before us.


We continued walking another 6 miles along the stone wall, for almost 4 hours. It was time to look for a place for a camp and to do a Gyud session, during which we will receive an answer to the question of where to look for the Grail. There was not a single glade on this side of the ridge, so we climbed over the wall and found a suitable place on the other side.


In front of us is a stunning view – in the distance there is a rock – a pyramid – the creation of aliens, a lake in the center of which there is an island – the sphinx, a miniature brother of the Egyptian sphinx. There is a glade suitable for camping slightly ahead.

It was decided to stop here and to perform the Gyud to communicate with the Alien Forces that left traces of their civilizations here … They will help us find the Holy Grail …



Darkness descended. The fire crackled pleasantly and, most importantly, warmed us: despite being the depth of summer, it was cool in the evenings in the mountains. We asked one of the mentors to be our guide on the subtle plane: spiritual people possess delicate sensitivity and are able to perceive the information during the session of Gyud very accurately. After an earthquake in Altai in 2003, this particular mentor in a Gyud session gave the rescuers the exact location of the tourists who were lost during the earthquake. She saw that they were carried to the island, between the two streams. The water level had risen powerfully, the boat was carried further downstream where they could not reach any of the banks. They were rescued a day later. Gyud is a practice in which the secrets of the subtle plane are revealed to a person. Merging into this space, a person can obtain any kind of information: about the future, how to change the present, what the Higher Forces want from them. During healing sessions of Gyud, latent resources are awakened in a person, which they may not be aware of in a normal state. Today we needed the help of the local spirits to understand    where to look for the Grail. When the mentor’s consciousness connected with Ayami’s consciousness, we began asking questions very carefully:

– Dear spirits of the area, please tell us about the sacred stone of your dwelling?

– This is a source of goodness and knowledge, – said the mentor in a voice that was low, kind of whistling, and completely unrecognizable. – It appeared here recently, only 300 years ago. None of the people saw it. There was one man who searched for it, though his thoughts were unclean and he disappeared in these places.

– Can we find it? – we asked respectfully.

– Yes. You are the messengers of the Great Soul, the stone will open to you in the name of saving the Earth.


A short pause, we have to ask the most important question:

– Oh, great Ayami, how do we find this stone?

– My messengers will lead you to it.

– How will we know them?

– Earth and sky …

– what does it mean?…

There was no other answer …our communication ended there.


We prepared for sleep after a full day. Somewhere in the distance, an owl hooted, grasshoppers chirped in the bushes, the branches of the trees above us let in the moonlight and the shining of the stars.  We could feel the presence of the Great Ayami in a way that we had never felt before.


At half past five we were awakened by a drizzling rain. We quickly made a fire, drank a cup of invigorating herbal tea, and set off. We still did not know where to go. And at the same time, there was a feeling that we needed to go a little higher.

The woman at the head of our group suddenly froze. One meter ahead of her stood a snake, stretching up from the ground like a string. It did not threaten, though it clearly did not want to go unnoticed. As if making sure that it had our attention, the snake slowly sank down, turned around, and crawled smoothly forward.


“Earth … It was Ayami’s messenger! It will show us the way, ”everyone was struck with this thought like lightning. We followed the snake along a rocky slope for about ten minutes, until the snake disappeared into a crevice. At this point we could have easily gotten  confused, but we could really feel we were led by Ayami. And indeed, after the snake, a bird appeared in the air. The giant eagle circled above us and flew along the mountain to the left and upward. And here is the “sky”. The drizzling rain stopped, though the ground and stones became especially slippery and made the climbing more difficult. This did not slow us down, and we were thankful that our group had prepared for any type of roads..



Stones and bushes start appearing again. The path disappears, in front of us are huge boulders that we can pass only by jumping from one stone to another. The same beautiful bird reappears in the sky and we follow the direction it shows us. To our right there is a stone wall, at the foot of which wild raspberries have grown. Bushes stick to our clothes, the area feels damp, homeless…


It seems that we are being watched from all sides again. We have a strong feeling of the presence of the higher forces. It seems that one reckless thought, one random emotion, one awkward movement, will ruin everything: the path will be lost! We are detached though, and in a state of prayer and heightened consciousness.


Thanks to the deep practices that we are given during  retreats, we can feel and realize more than an ordinary person can. These skills are very important now because all of our attention should be directed to thoughts about the Supreme, about God, and to helping the Earth. We must show the spirits that our intentions are pure.


We come to another strip of dense forest. A birch grove this time. It’s difficult to pass through until a path appears out of nowhere. It’s barely noticeable at first, and then becomes completely clear. We get excited … The feeling of extraordinary subtle energy. We seem to enter a special space. This happens when you find yourself in an ancient prayed, a temple, by the relics of the saints, or near the most powerful object of Earthly Man’s power. The heart seems to jump out of the chest, and tears come to the eyes …


A glade opens in front of us. We have no doubt that in the center of the glade we will find what we came for …

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